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Seth Yates

Producer / Songwriter / Musician / Worship Leader / Speaker. 

With over 20 years experience as a worship leader, songwriter and musician, Seth has a vision to help raise up the worship movement and release the sound that exalts Jesus and establishes His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


20+ years leading worship

International House Of Prayer in Kansas City - 7 years (musician, worship leader, songwriter, teacher) (ihopkc.org)

Kona Prayer Room at YWAM Kona - University Of The Nations - 2 years (uofnkona.edu)

Circuit Riders (worship leader, speaker) (thecircuitrider.com)

International Speaker (Primarily teaching on biblical worship, music, consecration and going after the sounds of heaven)

50+ Album credits (producer, songwriter, singer, musician) - including five #1 Christian albums and working with Grammy award winning producer, Ed Cash

Album Credits

Misty Edwards “Relentless”

Misty Edwards “Always On His Mind”

Cory Asbury “Let Me See Your Eyes”

Cory Asbury “My Beloved (feat Jaye Thomas)”

Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury “Holy”

Joy IHOP-KC Awakening Compilation

Azusa Now: The Coming Sound

Laura Hackett “I Put On Christ”

Onething 2006 “Pursuit Of The Holy”

Onething 2007 “Holy To The Lord”

Onething 2009 Live

Onething 2010 “Before His Eyes”

Onething 2011 “Magnificent Obsession”

Circuit Riders “Feel It In My Bones”

Circuit Riders “Fight For Every Soul”

Circuit Riders “Send”

Lindy Conant “The Sweetest Surrender”

Jesus Culture “Come Away”

Jesus Culture “Consumed”

Kari Jobe and Klauss “Prepare The Way”

Emily Cole “Chasing Fireflies”

Emily Cole “Neverland”

Emily Cole “Fighting For Love”

David and Nicole Binion “Heaven On Earth”

Soul Survivor Holland “Alles Draait Om Hem”

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 30

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 28

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 27

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 26

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 24

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 22

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 20

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 18

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 15

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 14

IHOP-KC Limited Edition 10

IHOP-KC Compilation “Immersed”

IHOP-KC Compilation “Unceasing”

Standing On The Wall IHOP-KC Live

Psalms: Songs Of David Compilation

Endless: Songs Of Eternity Compilation

Young Park “Apple Tree”

Young Park “Into Your Arms Of Love”

DSV “Late Night Morning”

Daniel Lehmann “Fixated”

Nathan Lopez “Arise”

Anthony Patrovani “This Mystery”

YWAM Kona Compilation “Glory”

Monday Morning Live YWAM Kona Compilation

Love For Japan Compilation

Seth Yates “Your Lovingkindness (feat Emily Cole)”

Chip Messick “Sweet Love”

Jake Mason “To The River (feat Sherryl Bako)”

Lauren Tilney “Dig My Well”

Carleigh Conant “The Light Is Coming”

Noah Reagh “Grace and Solitude”

Left Right Love Compilation

David and Valerie Carpenter "Be The Sun"